Ghost Radar phone app

Ghost Radar Classic by SpudPickles is the app I use when doing group ghost hunting investigations.  It has verbal capabilities and displays the word spoken.  One word answers is all I have received at this time.  Names, reasons for being there, yes and no’s seem to be the nature of speech recognition.

The voice is not of the ghost, but a female digitalized synthetic.  It is clearly spoken not exactly human nor robotic.

There are a lot of numbers flashing and changing.  I have no idea what that pertains too.  My interest is the green, red, yellow dots that appear on the radar screen. This represents the ghost, the amount of energy they have, and where they are in relation to where I am standing.

I like it.  It does not work so well with ghost cams.  It does work well in the vicinity of the ghost.  Stop by my website for your guide to Arm-Chair Ghost Hunting.

Cynthia Carver, Author

Black New Moon

We’ve heard of the Blue Moon, but how often do you hear of a Black New Moon?  Actually, you witness it approximately every two and one-half years, or so.  This year our Black New Moon will be September 30, 2016 at 8:11 p.m. EST.  Our last Black New Moon was in March, 2014.

February, because of the 28 day cycle can be missing a full or a new moon entirely.  Our moon cycle is 29.5 days in length.

What is so special about a Black New Moon?  Actually, it is like any other new moon except you get to witness it twice in one month.  Black usually denotes it will be very faint to invisible in the sky, but it is still there.

This is a time for Magick.  If you want to draw something to you, now is the moon phase you want to use to help you achieve it.

Best wishes to all of you using the Black New Moon for Magick.


Full moon

Full moon ceremonies have been celebrated for many millenniums.  This is the time to focus on releasing the not so positive things within your life.  Aim for a win/win situation.

Release the grumpy old office manager from your work environment by requesting in prayer and gratitude with the intent they get a better paying job, that they like more than the job they currently have, and they start immediately.  See… you get rid of the grumpy old office manager Win! and they get a better paying job they like even more Win!


Clairvoyance is about seeing clearly into the etheric realms.  Clairaudience is all about the hearing the whispers or bellowing from the etheric realms.  Being a clairsentient is about feeling those in the ethers reach out and touch you.  This is different from being an empath.  Empathic people have the ability to feel what others feel. Sometimes it takes a lot of self discipline to learn what is your emotion and what emotion belongs to another.  Empathy can also be a physical sensation.  If you are a person with this ability, do yourself a favor and learn how to transmute ‘the not your’ energy or emotion to neutral and then move it into something beneficial.  Unconditional love is always beneficial.


ESP: extra sensory perception

ESP.  Extra Sensory Perception has many specific names for each paranormal experience.  Different practitioners refer to their various supernatural talents as being ‘Psychic’.  Usually these various psychic talents begin with the prefix ‘clair’ which is a French form of ‘clear’ and is used with various suffixes.

In the study of parapsychology, the first of many various psychic talents we will discuss is clairsentience.  A person often acquires this type of information known as a feeling, emotion, or through the conventional gut.  Sentience is derived from the Latin word senfire which means to feel.  

Many parapsychologist and some religions consider the ability one of human’s special functions, achieved by advanced meditation.  There are different degrees of clairsentience ranging from perception of diseases of other people to the thoughts or emotions of other people.  Clairsentience is a very vivid feeling.  

Let me clarify that clairsentience is Not achieved by advanced meditation.  You might be able to achieve it through meditation, but, that is not the only way.  I am living proof.  I don’t meditate and I’ve been clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant since a small child.  The first experience I remember happened when I was three years of age.

Psychometry is related to clairsentience.  When we break the word down it translates to Psyche (soul) and Metric (measuring).

Clairvoyance is often tossed under the catch-all phrase, ‘psychic’.  Clairvoy is French from the mid 1800’s and converted to English by adding an ‘ant’ on the end.  Voyeur means ‘to see’.  Clairvoyance is seeing with the third eye to perceive pictures not seen by other people.  Some clairvoyants see in technicolor, while others see in two or three colors.

The word, clairaudience developed in the late 17th century with audience meaning hearing.  A person acquires information by paranormal auditory ability.  Essentially the person has the ability to hear in a supernatural manner.  Studies reveal this is similar to telepathic abilities, where people hear words other people are thinking.  This is developed within the inner mental ear.  This may be true, but also includes voices, tones, and noises which are not apparent to other humans or recording equipment.

Clairalience refers to smelling of various scents and fragrances.  A person with this ability accesses paranormal knowledge through the physical sense of smell.

We don’t hear much about this ability, clairgustance.  It is all about the taste.  This extra sensory perception allows one to taste a substance without putting anything into his/her mouth.  The perception comes through the ethereal realm through their tastebuds.  

Claircognizance is knowing.  When a person says, “I know that I know that I know.” They are referring to their claircognizance ability.  Cognizance or conoissance translates to knowledge.  This comes from intrinsic knowledge.  It is the ability to know something without a physical explanation of why you know it, very similar is the concept of mediumship.

The more practice you use developing each one of your various paranormal talents or abilities, and using them together will allow you to develop a path to the spiritual realms.


Realities of the Paranormal

This blog is written from my personal experience.  It is my opinion and what I have been taught.  You may agree or disagree, or keep an open mind and examine what the Universe has to offer.  Should you decide to try anything described within this website, you do of your own free will and you accept total responsibility for your actions, mentally, physically, and spiritually (karma).  With that said, there will be a lot of information shared that will reflect daily and or monthly practices.

Realities of the Paranormal blog encompasses a number of talents or abilities also known as natural abilities and entities often referred to as monsters under the bed, things that go bump in the night, or creatures of the unknown.  

Clairvoyance and clairaudient are the most recognized of these natural abilities.  They are not gifts.  A gift is a present given to you by someone for being special to them.  You (yes you!) are born with these spiritual abilities and you may use them for good or bad.  If you choose the latter, remember karma will get you in this lifetime or next.  

My main goal is to explain the different types of abilities available to develop and use.  Then explore why two psychics, two intuitive, or … can obtain different information and both be correct or both be wrong or one is correct and the other is wrong.  

The fiction work is written by authors, who may or may not practice the Realities of the Paranormal.