Realities of the Paranormal

This blog is written from my personal experience.  It is my opinion and what I have been taught.  You may agree or disagree, or keep an open mind and examine what the Universe has to offer.  Should you decide to try anything described within this website, you do of your own free will and you accept total responsibility for your actions, mentally, physically, and spiritually (karma).  With that said, there will be a lot of information shared that will reflect daily and or monthly practices.

Realities of the Paranormal blog encompasses a number of talents or abilities also known as natural abilities and entities often referred to as monsters under the bed, things that go bump in the night, or creatures of the unknown.  

Clairvoyance and clairaudient are the most recognized of these natural abilities.  They are not gifts.  A gift is a present given to you by someone for being special to them.  You (yes you!) are born with these spiritual abilities and you may use them for good or bad.  If you choose the latter, remember karma will get you in this lifetime or next.  

My main goal is to explain the different types of abilities available to develop and use.  Then explore why two psychics, two intuitive, or … can obtain different information and both be correct or both be wrong or one is correct and the other is wrong.  

The fiction work is written by authors, who may or may not practice the Realities of the Paranormal.


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