Black New Moon

We’ve heard of the Blue Moon, but how often do you hear of a Black New Moon?  Actually, you witness it approximately every two and one-half years, or so.  This year our Black New Moon will be September 30, 2016 at 8:11 p.m. EST.  Our last Black New Moon was in March, 2014.

February, because of the 28 day cycle can be missing a full or a new moon entirely.  Our moon cycle is 29.5 days in length.

What is so special about a Black New Moon?  Actually, it is like any other new moon except you get to witness it twice in one month.  Black usually denotes it will be very faint to invisible in the sky, but it is still there.

This is a time for Magick.  If you want to draw something to you, now is the moon phase you want to use to help you achieve it.

Best wishes to all of you using the Black New Moon for Magick.