Ghost Radar phone app

Ghost Radar Classic by SpudPickles is the app I use when doing group ghost hunting investigations.  It has verbal capabilities and displays the word spoken.  One word answers is all I have received at this time.  Names, reasons for being there, yes and no’s seem to be the nature of speech recognition.

The voice is not of the ghost, but a female digitalized synthetic.  It is clearly spoken not exactly human nor robotic.

There are a lot of numbers flashing and changing.  I have no idea what that pertains too.  My interest is the green, red, yellow dots that appear on the radar screen. This represents the ghost, the amount of energy they have, and where they are in relation to where I am standing.

I like it.  It does not work so well with ghost cams.  It does work well in the vicinity of the ghost.  Stop by my website for your guide to Arm-Chair Ghost Hunting.

Cynthia Carver, Author